Company History

1867-Thomas Donovan established a ship supply company in Saint John, New Brunswick.
1950-T. Donovan is purchased and reorganised by son Gordon D. Cobham as a chemical products company. Their primary business was the analysis and treatment of circulating boiler systems. T. Donovan was the first manufacturer of steam plant chemicals in the Maritimes.
1970-Ownership and management of T. Donovan assumed by Gordon R. Cobham, son of Gordon D. Cobham.
1972-Introduction of Industrial cleaning products.
1984-Launched a division with a product line for cleaning and sanitizing in health care, food processing and hospitality industries.
1997-The Water Treatment and industrial Cleaning segment of the Business was sold to Dave Page and Judy Brewster, former employees. They continue the business as T. Donovan & Son (1997) Ltd.
2018-T. Donovan & Son (1997) Ltd. was purchased by former employee, Lee Keenan & his wife Kimberly Keenan. They continue the business as T. Donovan & Son (1997) Ltd., which is the largest independent supplier of industrial water treatment products in Atlantic Canada.