Four Pillars of Service

  1. Routine Visits; Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly (Customer Specifies)
  2. Regular Maintenance; Quality Assurance Reports provide a complete chemical test of all systems and ensure smooth operation of the systems, followed by a written report.
    This prevents breakdowns and maximizes the efficiency of the operating system.
  3. Instant Contact; By Cellular - Through Head Office - Via Website
  4. Immediate Response; Within 1 hour - Telephone call for diagnostic review;
    Within 3 hours - On site for inspection and repair
From quality control and maintenance to telephone consultations and on site service calls, the individuals who look after your needs make every effort to ensure the best possible service. They are dedicated, thorough and knowledgeable.

Quality and service are our number one training objective for all employees. We maintain close working relationships with our raw product and equipment suppliers, providing the best industry inputs to our ongoing service.